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Things To Do On A Holiday To Almeria

Spain is quite a popular country amongst tourists from all over the world because it elaborates a healthy combination of places for recreation, amusement and historical purposes. The province of Almeria is located l on the South East of Spain. It serves as an excellent example for a place that strikes a perfect balance of modern entertainment and historical places. Let’s take a look at some attractions that you can visit on your holiday to Almeria.

Cabo de Gata Almeria

Cabo de Gata Almeria is a natural park that covers a total area of about 45000 hectares. This park is located at a close proximity to the beach. It also features Tall Mountain as the main attraction in the backdrop, adding to the charm and beauty of the place. According to geologists, the tall mountain is a volcanic formation. Facing the mountain with beautiful, white sand beach is certainly a place that you would love to visit on your holiday to Almeria.

You will also see a coral reef near the beach. On visiting the park, you will notice that it is built differently as compared to its contemporaries. It is amazingly beautiful and you will find at least one place in every corner to take beautiful pictures. The beach also has the facility of water sports for added fun.

Alcazaba Castle

Situated on the top of the hill, the Alcazaba castle was home for about 25000 armed troops. The palace was built on the hill top to serve the purpose of observatory so troops could keep an eye on each moment of the pirates and enemies. Also, it was difficult for enemies to reach the hilltop due to complexities and lack of commuting roads.

The Alcazaba castle also incorporates cathedral, which is built in typical Gothic architecture. The cathedral was built in 1524, but got destroyed due to severe earthquake. However, a new cathedral was built, but even this one suffered the consequences of subsequent wars. But, each time it suffered the casualty, the cathedral was rebuilt. It remains the glory of the castle even to this day. It features a lot of priceless collections in the form of art and artifacts. The sculpture is made of pure marble, and the carving works are amazingly beautiful.

Mojacar Church

Mojacar is a small town in Almeria. It was basically a fortress before it was converted into a church. It also served the purpose of customs house in the 18th century, a place where custom duties were collected. This practice remains even to this day. The beautiful arch is believed to have been built during the 15th century and looks quite welcoming as you pass through it.

Moorish Fountain

This is another quite an interesting place to visit in Almeria. This is one place that no traveller should miss when holidaying in Almeria. According to historians, this beautiful fountain was built during the Roman period. It basically served the source of water for people residing in Mojacar. The interesting fact is that the history of the city has been beautifully written on the stone laid around the spring water fountain.