Hidden Beauty Of Valencia In Spain

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Hidden Beauty Of Valencia In Spain

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Discover the Hidden Beauty Of Valencia In Spain

The Spanish city of Valencia is situated in the province of this country with the same name and is becoming the hottest tourist destination with people from around the world. Not only this place has a varied architecture and history dating back to centuries there are also plenty of other things to see and do during your visit.

If you’re planning holidays in this city there are certain times of the year when it’s best to visit mainly during spring and autumn months. It’s a much better period than spring and winters because temperatures greatly vary and you won’t be able to do many activities you’d like.

When it comes to visiting Valencia, there are hundreds of things to do and places to go and see. Along with number of art and history museums, Valenica also has a bullfighting museum and a science museum. The science museum is also known as City of Arts and Sciences. There are five different halls to explore with five different themes. You should definitely visit Prince Philip Science Museum, which is a part of this museum and famous with kids as they can learn more about science. Let’s have a close look at some other attractions in Valencia….

You can visit Reina Sofia Palace of Arts. This palace is spread over 40,000 meter square and is distributed over three auditoriums dedicated to dance, opera, musch and theater in general. This breathtaking building has been created by Santiago Calatrave and is full of architectural surprises. According to its creator, this place seeks to “take people into a circular place so that they can easily move around music”!

Lumbracle is a huge central promenade that’s made of sculptured steel. It’s fantastically pleasing to the eye, and is a walkway of different plants and trees that blend seamlessly with metal and concrete of its modern settings.

L’oceanograrfic is a new type of aquarium, a huge underwater city of around 85,000 square meters that makes it possible for you to quickly discover treasures of seven seas. It has been designed by architect Felix Candela, and is the largest oceanographic park in the Europe. It also has world’s largest animal species and volume of water.

The historical center of Valencia is a section of the city that arose around the cathedral and was subsequently included within a huge medieval wall build in 1355. Parts of this wall are still preserved.

* The old town (Casco Antiguo) of Valencia consists of five districtes. Among which Carmen district is most popular and outstanding. Visiting Muslim, visiogothic and roman remains at the Portal del la Valldigno, La Almoina will help you to go deeply into the historical roots about the evolution of the city. There are dozens of other attractions to explore.

You can enjoy exciting nightlifte in Valenica as city offers you a varied and wide entertainment scenario for both young and old, straight and gay. From concerts, casinos, theaters (14 in total), fiestas and flamenco, it’s all there in huge quantities.

After spending your time exploring this magnificent city, you can enjoy a movie at L’Hemisferic a gigantic IMAX 3D cinema. It is situated within the City of Arts and Sciences Museum.

Finally you can spend some time relaxing after all that activity by wandering around L’Umbracle. You can explore these beautiful gardens of Valencia at your own pace using their wide walkways.