Moraira -Jewel in the Crown of Costa Blanca

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Moraira -Jewel in the Crown of Costa Blanca

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If you are sea enthusiasts and you feel like you need a nice vacation with your family then you ought to visit the heart of the Mediterranean- Costa Blanca. Costa Blanca is an amazing place kissed by the sun during the whole year. Costa Blanca offers wide array of amazing natural attraction, vast sandy beaches and warm and friendly people. Costa Blanca is known among the tourist from all over the world as a place that you must visit.

If you strive to find a peaceful and relaxing place where you can spend a marvelous time with your family, then you ought to visit the magical town of Moraia. Moraia is a small and yet amazing town, nestled in the amazing mountainous northern east part of Costa Blanca. Moraia is 110 km south of Valencia and 80 km north of Alicante. With 8km of coastline Moraia offers exceptional lush geographical environment. Moraira has a typical Mediterranean climate with an average degree of 18 C, with a pleasant and sunny weather throughout the year. Moraia is a beautiful, rugged, mountainous coastline with numerous cliffs, golden beaches, hidden bays all offering the most crystalline waters.

At the foot of the castle right in the city center lays Playa la Ampolla (La Ampola Beach) the most popular and frequent beach in the area. La Ampolla beach is the largest beach in the area, since its setting is quite steeply this beach is protected from big waves and generally safe for children. Going north-west you can find the El Portet Beach, which is not large as La Ampolla Beach but offers a golden sand and calm, crystal water, shell shaped with a perfect setting for a relaxing swim.

In the town center you can find the traditional and old fishing port, and of the most popular fishing ports in the entire coastline of Costa Blanca. Moraira in its very beginning was a small fishing village and since that has grown into attractive and popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

For accommodation there is a wide array of Moraira properties which offer affordable and nice Moraira Rentals apartments located on the perfect location where you can have perfect villa with an outstanding view of the sea. The holiday’s villa in Moraia is the most reasonable solution for accommodation, especially if you are travelling with your family. The Moraira is very old town, blessed with amazing rich history and natural beauty.

In the old town of Moraia, you can sit in one of the many coffees and restaurants and watch the world go by, or you can wonder and walk through their narrow and magical street which leads to the castle. Moraia is the perfect place for those who are seeking nature and tranquility. You can find peace and have a marvelous time with your family and friends in this amazing and glorious town which is big and mandatory part of the Costa Blanca Holidays.